Through these two days of contact, Su Xue's performance in Wang Dun's heart seems more and m Dudu saw grandfather Wang and granny Xu. His father was full of curiosity. He was holding a piece of Endless hurricane, burst out from LV Fengxian's body, terrible whirlpool, constantly emerging, d When I saw Liu close the door, I would like to throw my hand out on the ground Tang Meng looked at Lingyun puzzled. He remembered Lingyun just said that he would take him and iron Zhao Gao said very simply: "then follow." These are all that the second fleet commander, Wang tiehammer, observed on the third deck of the ste In a trance, he was also hit by Cui Yemu and was slightly injured. Lu Jing said with a smile, "I haven't asked yet. But he has been in the capital all this time, a What's more, Li mang felt close to these flames inexplicably. Xu Ni looks at Duan Feiyu in this way, and tears appear in his eyes. "Your Highness, this nightmare roar is quite different from the nightmare roar of our soul demon kin Purple Yuan Tong is not happy to hum a, "I certainly know, do not need you to remind." Fortunately, Lu Jing was not in his car at that time, otherwise, he would be implicated in this inci "Ah, Chen Jiuyou has a better understanding. He knows that he can't keep company with you. He is Jiang Tong asked, "space stone? Is there a space to store objects?" If you do, there will be no one in the whole clan. " "Bonjour" has a pure Parisian accent, and the elegant lobby manager is very aristocratic. He just lo

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