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"Now that it's over, you want to be more open." Of course, there are exceptions, such as Lu Xuan and Yang Ying. Although they are not golden immorta It's so sudden, there's no sign. Why can't they feel their own heart and never treat themselves like Biyao and Shenjie? Zichen expression, still not sad or not happy, in the hand long sword toward the top, a flash of gol Steele held out a finger: "a thousand gold coins." "Hiss! What a magnificent city! It's so spectacular!", She wrinkled her nose at Jiangshan, and Kang Lingli regained her capable and serious appearance agai For small magic machine, it's OK, but if you can't find enough large magic stone, you can&#3 "Uncle, you see Pippi can spray water. It's fun." At the moment, all the celestial beasts are about to enter, and the last one has reached the entranc Although they did not see Xuandi with their own eyes, they all saw the anger in Xuandi's heart f From the emerald dragon's words just now, we know that the power of the ball is intermittent, an Fortunately, the grid is still relatively large, barely able to stop people, otherwise this will def Because Mr. Mo has six pieces of Jiupin herbs here, Mo Zhitao will not go to Zhu's house for the "Well, I'll trust you, but I have to guard against you..." The copper stick man was stunned and didn't dare to go on. Xu Xin, who opened the window to let the fresh air in, looked at them and said with a smile, "you tw

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