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Before Raphael finished speaking, Murong Yueyan was angry and said: "what, the little monk is my bro "It had nothing to do with me, but now it has something to do with me - because you have become the Yang Kai looked at him teasingly and said, "in fact, I am curious about one thing. How can the young After Gao Ming said this, he was very angry. A dark skin, red eyes of the fifth order God, a greedy face. This bone was snatched from an enemy's safe by Fernando after he killed him. Jin Wuji's eyes narrowed slightly. His right hand held the golden knife in front of his eyes, an There are some abusive people, and there are also some wise people, All of a sudden, there was a sound from the disc key. "But you've never been such a tough guy." Gao wanwei ponders for a while, dials a telephone to go out, "the book of songs sister..." In front of him, there was a bright barrier, which prevented him from moving forward. Ye CHENFENG nodded and replied, "I know a little, let me try to cure you!" After a brief contact, Ding Hao also appreciated the new generation of patriarchs of the Yu national The difference is that last time it was death, this time it was good news. In addition, this is very valuable. After all, it means that we have begun to take the first step to Ningyue barracks quickly found that the whole town was in a mess. In an instant, reaction cavalry ca Among all the people present, the one eyed xuanmo ancient god had the strongest strength. He suppres

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